Logistics Software Development

DSS's logistics management software development services will unify your front-facing and back-end operations. This helps you manage your processes and assets – collaboratively – with the least amount of effort, expenditure, and time.

We can work with you to develop custom warehouse management software solutions that could handle up 90% of the workflow associated with your day-to-day operations, while integrated IoT devices enhance your productivity and eliminate human error.

Our domain expertise, business analysis, consulting and product design experience allow us to design best-fit logistics software solutions for your end users, making training more time and cost-effective and providing a completely seamless customer experience.

Connect and track your fleet, driver performance and equipment health, with our legislation-compliant transportation software, equipped with telematics solutions. We can help you apply smarter maintenance plans and strategies to reduce risks and improve scheduling.

E-learning and Education Software?

E-learning and education software is a custom web application that aims to simplify the tedious work of the education sector. It is a one-stop solution for all the IT and engineering service providers that deal in the education industry. With our expert developers, we help you to develop and deploy various powerful and effective modules that are helpful to both the students and the faculty as well.

We, at DSS, leverage robust and modern technologies like AI, ML, and Big Data to deliver a complete package for the education industry. From e-classrooms and online learning portals, to educational chatbots and virtual examination services, we help you develop everything to satisfy your organization’s needs.

We deliver cost-effective and fully customizable on-demand web and mobile-based applications that come with all the personalized modules and features to satisfy all your educational organization’s needs.

Real Estate Software Development

We provide industry-leading, custom real estate & housing software solutions that cover all major operations in real estate and housing domain, including property management, MLS listing, IDX integration, property valuation, customer relationship management, and so on.

We are proud to implement custom real estate management software that seamlessly integrates with other IT systems like CRM, ERP, MLS platform, etc. in your firm.

18+ years on the market -With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of software development services across all the possible industries. We have a team of talented software developers who can handle complex and time-consuming projects like a pro and deliver solutions at the quickest.

Healthcare Software Solutions

We help clients in healthcare deliver affordable services that are attuned to better patient outcomes, through technological innovation. We’ll help you enable your patients to access their medical information anytime, anywhere – from the palm of their hand. You’ll save time and resource through self-service elements that allow your team to focus on care.

Reduce time spent on data collection, processing and test result analysis, with healthcare software solutions that let you automate key stages of your lab testing. So you can spend your valuable time delivering exceptional patient care. We’ll help you streamline and consolidate patient data and test results via a central storage hub – for seamless access that drives customer satisfaction. Saving time on administrative tasks allows you to free up time for your most valuable healthcare deliverables.

Our Data Science healthcare solutions provide you with an all-seeing eye that allows you to deeply analyse clinical processes and patient insights – helping you work towards personalised, preventative care. We’ll help you avoid the risks associated with data leakage and loss, by digitally organising and storing your patient data using blockchain technology and data tokenization – for secure, decentralised data transactions.